Sunday, September 23, 2007

Do not be tempted by the promise of big boobs and geek references

WARNING! The Big Bang Theory, a new television show that debuts tonight on CBS. Maybe you've seen the previews out there and have been lured in by the geeky guys wearing shirts of comic characters. Maybe you just saw the hot chick. Whatever caught your eye, avoid this program at all costs. It's terrible. Or as Canadians say, it's terrible, eh. The jokes are contrived and acting is way off. It's creating character shells based from the most stereotypical of stereotyped "nerd personas" that have ever been stereotyped. Thick glasses. Math equations abound. Klingon Boggle parties. Soooo forced. The thing that really kills me is that the show attempts to capitalize on the now-cool geek culture. Brace yourself, kids, because now that nerds are cool everyone is going to try and milk it for all its worth (Sure, the success of Heroes helped push it too). The Big Bang Theory is not the only show this season taking advantage of the popularity of geek culture. Other offenders:

Chuck (NBC), about an IT worker who tags along with a hot secret agent trying to protect the world with the data in his head.

Pushing Daisies (ABC), about a pie maker who can bring the dead back to life with a single touch (and kill them again).

Journeyman (NBC), about a newspaper reporter who begins to travel through time and change lives

Moonlight (CBS), about a vampire who defies all the bad stereotypes and works as an LA private investigator. (not starring David Boreanaz)

Reaper (CW), about a twentysomething guy who has to hunt down demons after his parents sold his soul to the devil.

Bionic Woman (NBC), about a hot chick who winds up having enhancement surgery (no, not thaaaaaaat type of enhancement)

I'm not saying all of these shows are bad. In fact, Reaper and Pushing Daises are both quality programs. But enjoy the popularity of nerd culture while it lasts. Trends are cyclical and shitty nerd tv (what's up, Big Bang Theory?) can only do harm.


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