Sunday, April 02, 2006

And so another comics blog is born.

Why? Why another comic blog? Well, we at Comic Foundry just relaunched our entire operation. We went from updating the site once or twice a week to a monthly online magazine. Our content is now more broad, but also greater in quality and quantity. Our old format was fine, but I think our readers deserved something extra, something with more weight. This blog will serve as a gateway for CF in between each issue. We'll have updates, news and other assorted items of intrigue. And so here we are.

What's this new magazine all about? So glad you asked. Our mission statement:
Comic Foundry strives to be the magazine the comic world deserves. It checks fandom at the door and instead brings a respect for the industry and the readers. With diverse coverage that spans all genres and mediums, we aim to bring our readers unique stories, presented in a unique way. We have an ear to the underground and a finger on the pulse of the mainstream, and provide opportunities for both. Comic Foundry combines analysis with the aspiring and molds wit with wisdom. In short, it's your comic magazine.

Check us out, there's something for everyone. Yes, even you.


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Congrats, Tim!

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