Saturday, November 25, 2006

Andrea Grant's Minx on DC Comics' Minx

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Earlier today I briefly spoke with Andrea Grant, of Andrea Grant's Minx, about DC Comics' new imprint for teenage girls, Minx. Confused? Don't be.

Were you aware DC would be going back to the Minx name?
DC and I worked out a co-existence agreement which I am not permitted legally to discuss. So yes, I expected they might come out with something called Minx, which is why my book is distinguished as a separate property called 'Andrea Grant's MINX'.

What do you think about the whole matter?
I just keep moving forward. I am excited to be launching a new Web site for my Minx comic project this week, which will also show older versions of my story from years ago. It is strange that one early version of Minx looks a lot like DC's new character. However, I have always joked that all blondes look the same. Seriously, I think my fan base is very different from DC's target.

Fans of Grant can be happy because her next full-length 40-page full color book, issue #1 of the 'Coma Sleepers Hear It All' story is at the printers. She'll be promoting the book through her Web site at and at the NY Comic Con in February. She also has an 8-page short story coming out in the January 2007 CAG anthology.


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What kind of asinine fool names a TEENAGE GIRLS imprint MINX?


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