Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I'm the Sexiest Man in Comics*

While you were out counting down and boozing up , Dorian over at Postmodern Barney posted his 2006 Wrap-Up Awards. I was oh-so lucky enough to grab not one, but TWO awards.

The first was for the now-famed video blog post:

The "Truth Hurts, Don't It Fanboy" Award
Goes to Tim Leong and Comic Foundry, for articulating quite well just what is so damn off-putting about Wizard if you're not part of the mouth-breathing section of comics fandom. For which he was much villified and called a hypocrite by those in the comics community with a complete inability to grasp nuance.

The second was for trick photography and my uncanny skill of airbrushing myself:
Sexiest Man In Comics, 2006
A bit of a change of pace this year, as a comics commentator gets a nod.
Tim Leong

Thanks to Dorian for his generous attention and infinite kindness. So, there you go. I'm the Sexiest man in comics*. I'm changing my business cards immediately.

*co-Sexiest man in comics, actually. It's a title I share with uber-talent Chip Zardsky. Ain't he a looker?


Blogger Chad said...

Not to sound petty or anything...


12:18 PM  
Blogger comrade said...

Interesting...I get to say "I knew him when..."

5:43 PM  

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