Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wanna Get Published? Submit to YAC Anthology

Young American Comics's sixth open-invite anthology, Small Town/Big City, just extended their deadline. You now have until March 5th to submit a 2-8 page comic about life in a small town or big city. If you're looking to get published, this looks like a no-brainer.

Be a part of an exciting and growing tradition for fresh new talent and seasoned veterans alike: small town/BIG CITY is the sixth annual Open Invite Anthology from Young American Comics.

Write and draw a two to eight page comic about an experience in a small town or a big city. While stories don’t have to be strictly autobiographical, they should be realistic and involve real towns. Work on your own or team up with other creators!

small town/BIG CITY will be divided into two separate sections, so each story should be about either a small town or a big city, not both. Submitted entries can use pre-established characters, but must be a self-contained story and not part of a daily journal comic or other ongoing series. Entries should be about a specific experience and tell a story from beginning to end.

Example One:
Driving across country, John finds himself stopping for gas in the small town of Ovid, Colorado. Intimidated but intrigued by the bloodied aprons of the employees of the meat packing plant, he asks for directions. The strange conversation that follows gives him something to think about on the next stretch of highway.

Example Two:
An American visiting Japan for the first time, Emily gets separated from her tour group in downtown Tokyo. Overwhelmed by the sights, sounds and constant flow of people, she stops to observe a handsome young man singing softly to himself, holding a sign that she can't read.

Stuck for ideas? If you've never had a significant experience in a small town or big city, visit a library or thrift store and flip through some issues of National Geographic for inspiration. Got a city or town in mind, but no story? Try Google Image Search for a start. Remember, while stories do not have to be autobiographical, they should be realistic. Ask a friend or family member for an interesting story to tell for them. Or feel free to make something up, but avoid the super natural, the overly abstract, or the too broad. Each story should be a short vignette in which something happens in either a small town or a big city. Easy, right? Now go! The deadline approaches!


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