Sunday, February 25, 2007

Some Show Thoughts

Well, the New York Comic Con is a wrap and everyone is getting their post-convention stories up. I spent the weekend hosting the official video podcast for the show. Episodes should start going up this week at To be honest, I would've been there anyway shooting my own videos, but this was so much easier since I had a great cameraman and a great producer to figure out most of the logistics.

We wound up doing about 40 interviews, as well as covering the red carpet at the first-ever American Anime Awards. Now, I've been to the Eisners and I've been to Harveys when they were at MoCCA, but neither awards show came close to how well-produced the American Anime Awards were. The show opened with his hypnotic Japanese drum performance that was absolutely amazing. How was it different than the comics award shows? First off, it only lasted an about an hour, where the others seem Oscar-like in length. Second, this had very cool motion graphics and video clips for each nominee. I freely admit that anime is not really my forte, so what really amazed me about the whole event was how excited the fans got. They were screaming and cheering and going wild each time a nominee was announced. Gotta love that passion.

Anyway, I believe good times were had by most at the con. Most people are right in saying the show went much more smoothly with the lines and all that. That's not to say every thing was peaches and cream, though. The craziest thing I saw today was right after we shot an intro, this crotchety 60-year-old started picking a fight with a 13-year-old. The older fan thought the younger flipped him the bird and many "Fuck You!!!"s followed. There were attempts of chest-bumping, but the kid's dad and my cameraman intervened. I also heard about a crazed fan getting kicked out of panel for screaming and accusing BKV of being a racist, and two fans - one dressed as a Jedi and the other as a stormtrooper - going fisticuffs.

Edited for more that I forgot:
As far as the plans for next year, the scuttlebutt was that because a trade show that usually uses the Javits will be switching to a Philadelphia locale next year, Reed will be trying to get the whole space for the '08 show. And if that happened it would also mean changing dates from February to April.


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