Thursday, August 30, 2007

Party Was a Success!

(Photo swiped from Calvin Reid and Publisher's Weekly)

Thanks for all of you that came out. And if you didn't, you missed a helluva time. It was definitely one for the record books. All of our 50 gift bags were gone within the first hour and people just kept on coming in.

We had guests from DC Comics, Men's Health magazine, In Style magazine, TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly, The New York Times, T: The New York Times Style Magazine, Complex magazine, Midtown Comics, CondeNast, XXL magazine, iStyle magazine, Wizard magazine, Publisher's Weekly, DNR news, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and tons of other cool places.

We had writers, artists, editors, readers, bloggers — I'm not going to try and call out specific people because 1) there's too many and 2) I'll definitely forget someone. Needless to say, the part was a definite hit and I appreciate everyone coming out.

And of course - a big, big round of applause for Laura Hudson, who organized the soiree and bought me a quesadilla. Thanks!


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