Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Marvel Fills in the Gaps

From Yesterday's Faux Editor Simulation by Tom Brevort
We're about to close this month's Previews catalogue, and Travis Charest has turned in no cover for DAREDEVIL. He's completely off the grid, so unless you've got a better idea, we're going to have to cobble an image together out of interior artwork in order to have something to run.

From a press release Marvel sent out today about sending Civil War titles back to press to help fill in the gaps created by the infamous scheduling crisis:
In response to retailer demands, Marvel is keeping Civil War titles in stock, including 6 single Civil War titles as well as a collection of Civil War Amazing Spider-Man stories, all which explain the Wall Crawler's decision to unmask in a single oversized and specially-priced comic....Issues #2 and #3 of Civil War: Front Line will also be receiving second printing variants with all new covers using interior art by artist Ramon Bachs.

Just saying it's interesting, that's all.


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