Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Why Ed Brubaker is Marketing CRIMINAL So Hard

Besides the video parody, Ed Brubaker has been doing a lot of marketing for his new book, Criminal. A 5-page preview is running in an Image book this week and he was recently on the Newsarama blog expressing his openness for interviews. I asked Brubaker about his big marketing push and he said:

"The surge in marketing came because (Brian) Bendis told me he meets people at cons all the time who claim to be his biggest fan, but they've never heard of Powers. You can't push the creator-owned stuff enough, really, I found. I've got the grassroots movement of fans, I did a HUGE hand-mailing to retailers, I've done about twenty interviews, and I'm setting up as many print interviews for the week the book comes out as possible. I need this book to succeed."


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