Friday, September 29, 2006

Minx Case Resolved

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Remember way back in May when indie creator Andrea Grant and DC were going head-to-head over the use of the title "Minx"? Well, according to a statement from Grant it's over:

"You all know about my little DC Comics trademark war over the word MINX…which was featured in the New York Post back in May. It took some time but I am pleased to announce that the dispute has been amicably resolved, thanks to all the amazing press we got and my wonderful lawyers.

"My book title will remain ‘Andrea Grant’s Minx’ and I want to thank all my friends and comic book colleagues for all the support."

Sounds like a win in my book, kiddies.


Blogger Mark said...

I can think of two reasons why the result went this way. And the second is that the copyright to "MINX" was due to revert to Pete and Sean soon anyway, due to the fact that DC/Vertigo haven't kept the series in print.

6:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Considering it was a trademark issue, not copyright, you don't have much credibility on this issue. Also there would be no "reversion"...trademark abandonment must be proven. And don't pussyfoot around about your first "reason"...come out and say it.

3:13 PM  
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