Friday, December 01, 2006

New (and Last) Issue of Comic Foundry Online

Comic Foundry

The new issue of CF is up and it's got tons of great stuff. Be sure to check out:
• Our cover story on Comics and Recycling from Ms. Laura Hudson.
• New to comics and not sure what to read? Take this quick quiz to help guide you.
• And see if you can tell the difference between December's covers and sex scenes. It's amazingly tough.

Now, you might notice on the main page it says this will be the last online issue of Comic Foundry Magazine. It's true. After December, we'll no longer be doing the online issues so we can concentrate on putting out a printed issue in '07. I hate to bid farewell to the online issues, but producing those were time consuming enough — adding in the work of a print edition would run us over the cliff. But, fear not, we'll still have an online presence. I'm not ready to show my cards yet, but we'll definitely be blogging and we'll always be active online. Stay tuned for more updates before the new year.

I would like to give a big "Thank You" to all the people that contributed to our online issues — writers, editors, artists, everyone, and also to the readers. You. Without the readers, we'd be nothing.


Blogger Mark said...

But dude! How'll you do the wee videos in a print edition!

2:47 PM  
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