Thursday, January 18, 2007

Dan Goldmans saved my ass

As an (deputy) art director I have to assign a lot of illustrations as part of my job. For the latest issue we were waaay behind schedule due to the Christmas and New Year's holidays + other unrelated factors. With just a few days before we had to ship our pages we had not one but TWO illustrations to go with some last-minute stories. The problem with assigning illustrations is that people need time to complete them. First you give them time to concept it out and come up with a sketch. Then they send it in for approval, then they work out the final. Depending on the size of the illo and schedule of the illustrator, it can be anywhere from a week to three weeks, start to finish. This time frame put in me in quite a pickle since we needed the illustrations yesterday.

Who was I gonna call? Dan Goldman, of course. Yes, the very same Dan Goldman that's on ACT-I-VATE and has a book deal with Time Warner. He knocked out both of the needed illustrations — IN THE SAME DAY. Hats off. (not literally. I don't wear hats but if I did, you can believe it'd be off).

And while we're on the subject of Dan Goldman... the new season of his Web comic, Kelly, will premiere on First smithmag and now nerve?