Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Goldman Too Raw for Nerve

Recently ACT-I-VATEr Dan Goldman announced part two of his online series, Kelly, will be debuting on the popular This was quite a boon for the creator after his collab, Shooting War, ran on But now it seems the super-sexy Nerve is pulling out of the Kelly commitment as it won't be running on their site:

"KELLY" is Too Raw for
Recently, I announced that Act Two of "KELLY" would begin on early this month. Yesterday morning, I was informed that it will in fact not be appearing on their site at all.

What does that mean for our little friends and their grimy adventures? It means we're debuting "KELLY" here on ACT-I-VATE, now, today. I've spent the last month working on this sans the welcome company of your lovely feedback. This is some of my favorite work to date, so get ready to fling some kisses.


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