Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Best Terrible Mistake I Made Yesterday

So a little while back Top Shelf sent around a great promo pack for Jeff Lemire's new kickass book, Tales From the Farm. What made it stand out is that it included an unopened pack of hockey cards from the 1990-1991 season (the book has adventures in pond hockey, among other things). I hadn't seen anything like them for a while and so I kept them unopened pack on my desk at work to provide a little inspiration. Seriously, that package really brings me back.

Anyway at work we're considering doing a sidebar in the style of a baseball card. So I reluctantly opened the pack to see if I could get some good reference material from it. Unfortunately the cards didn't look that cool, but it did have a bonus — free gum inside. Seventeen-year-old gum, but free nonetheless. And of course I ate it. It crunched. The experience didn't last long as I was forced to spit it all out and go running to the kitchen to wash my mouth out.

Damn you, Top Shelf, with your good books and bad gum!


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