Monday, April 02, 2007

Busy Weekend

Saturday night I, along with all the other cool kids, went out to Rocketship for the Adrian Tomine party. Expectations were high, and this boy's expectations were met.

Sunday I went down to the School of Visual Arts to do portfolio reviews for juniors and seniors in the Art and Cartooning department. I'd never done it before but was asked to come this year — as the Deputy Art Director from Complex Magazine, not Comic Foundry. It was quite a time as I got to check out all the cool talents of tomorrow. While wearing my magazine hat, I looked at things from an editorial illustration perspective, so I didn't focus as much on the comics. I did, however, pick up Inkstains and Gutter Magazine, two of the students' comic anthologies. That said, there were some great illustrators out there. I saw a lot of books so I can't remember them all off the top of my head, but this guy Ulysses had a very cool style, and so did Thomas Pitilli.

Other judges included Bill Jemas (360 ep), Randy Chang (Bodega), Brendan Burford (Syncopated), Jim Salicrup (Papercutz), James Killen (B&N), some people from Marvel, DC, Scholastic and more...


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