Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Wired Magazine + Buffy

Obviously I'm a magazine guy. I work in the industry both professionally and in a self-publishing sense (not to say the two are mutually exclusive). One of my favorite mags is Wired, which I mention here frequently.

I was flipping through the most recent issue (again) and noticed an illustration that was very Sean McCabe-like on a Daft Punk story. But no, the credit was not Sean McCabe. Not at all. The credit belonged to a one Cordy Chase. Hmm. I'm pretty familiar with most of the editorial illustrators out there and Cordy Chase was not a name I recognized. So a quick google search of "Cordy Chase" and "illustrator" turned up zero results outside the Wired story. But if you just search "Cordy Chase" you get a ton of sites — Buffy fan sites, that is. Cordy Chase, as in Cordelia Chase — the lovely Charisma Carpenter.

What does that mean? I would wager a bet that someone on staff at Wired did the illustration but went with a pseudonym. Cleva. And that same person happens to be a big Buffy fan. Or I could be way off and there could be an illustrator out there named Cordy Chase who I've never heard of and doesn't have a website.

Rejoice, Buffy fans. Someone at Wired has your back.


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