Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Geek Monthly

The second issue of Geek Monthly hit the stands this week and I was lured into picking it up. Let's be honest: it was because of Kristen Bell.

The mag is very comics-friendly and does some reviews of Astonishing X-Men, DMZ and Zombies: Feast. There's also a story about Lost Girls. If that seems dated, it's because it is. By a lot. In reading it, you can tell a lot of their interviews went down last Summer/Fall.

I was actually really disappointed with the Kristen Bell feature. The photos are a bit lackluster and repetetive. And the story is really more about Veronica Mars than Kristen Bell. Which is fine in theory, but they really sold the story to be more about Bell.

It's obvious they're operating on a shoestring budget, as 90 percent of their art is pickup, but they're making the most out of it. It can definitely use some more up-top editing and and closer looks at heirarchy, but I just picked it up this morning and haven't been able to go through everything yet. It seems like an okay start with potential.

Check them out online
and decide for yourself.


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