Friday, March 30, 2007

This Weekend

Adrian Tomine at Rocketship this weekend in Brooklyn. Good times will be had by all — hope to see you there.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Fantastic Four Porn Comic???

Okay, so remember last week when I linked to the outrage surrounding that Pirates of the Caribbean porno comic? Well for professional research, obviously, I checked out the site and found that Sinful Comics also put out a Fantastic Four porno comic. It's a sometimes invisible Jessica Alba in a dirty romp with other characters, including Mr. Fantastic himself. (and no, the preview doesn't show if that stretches too). Last I read re: Pirates was that Disney was planning to file suit. Does Marvel know about this version and are they also considering litigation? Curious.

VIDEO: David Finch Interview

Hey guys, I wanted to let you know that a video interview I did with David Finch at the NYCC just went online. He drops some interesting tidbits about upcoming books, including Spider-Man with Jeph Loeb, a Hulk book and some work with Brian Bendis. Check it!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Overheard in NY, the comics edition

From the fantastic site, Overheard in NY:

Wednesday One-Liners for Comic Book Guy

Hipster girl: I want a cape. Capes are so in right now.
--L train

Girl on phone: So, today I was on my way to class and I saw a transvestite dressed as Wonder Woman. No, I don't think he was going to class.
--NYU residence hall, Lafayette St

Metro newspaper man: I'm not Superman, I'm not Spiderman, I'm not Batman. I'm the Metro Man. Get your paper.
--34th St & Broadway

Guy: I was like, "That's you! My arch drinking nemesis."
--LIRR, Jamaica

Girl: He's like sexual kryptonite!
--2nd St & Ave A

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Whatever Happened to that Captain America book by the Rambo guy?

Now that good 'ol Captain America bit the dust, what does that do to the Cap book that Rambo creator David Morrell was going to write. You know, that one that was announced back in October 2005?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

VIDEP: NYCC 7 - Neal Adams Interview!

The latest video podcast from the NYCC is up! This episode we talked to the legendary artist, Neal Adams. Neal was one of my favorite people to interview at the show. He's never short on words, and this time he was not only funny, but also dished on his new Batman series with Frank Miller. (we had video of art from the book....but I guess they chose not to include that exclusive...)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

VIDEO: NYCC #6 - Olivier Coipel

The latest video from the New York Comic-Con is up. This one features the fantastic artist Olivier Coipel. Yeah, I know, the con was weeks ago which is really months ago in blogger-time, but videos are timeless people. Besides, how often do you get to hear cool French accents?

Monday, March 12, 2007

Outrage over Pirates of the Caribbean porno comic

What's the best way to capitalize on the hugely successful Pirates of the Caribbean franchise? You guessed: Make it into a hardcore porn comic. The book, published by Sinful Comics (whose site is NSFW), is causing a bit of expected uproar. Shocker! Apparently Disney doesn't like seeing unathorized images of Keira Knightley, Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom being depicted in hardcore porno situations. There are rumors of lawsuits, all the usual stuff.

I guess it could be worse. Imagine if they made it into a hentai book and included octopus man Davy Jones and tentacle porn. Oh wait, it does.

VIDEO: NYCC Podcast #5 - Brian K. Vaughan

The latest video podcast from the New York Comic Con is up, and this time I'm interviewing the uber-talented Brian K. Vaughan. BKV is always a treat to interview, so hear him talk about late-night drinking, his movies, Joss Whedon and LOST. Check it!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Photo tour of the Marvel office, circa 1991

The blog Pop Cult Scan Fun scanned and posted some pages from the November '91 issue of Marvel Age, which has a photo tour of the Marvel offices. Making cameos: Evan Dorkin, Dan Slott and other Marvel brass.

VIDEO: NYCC Podcast with the Hostel 2 crew

The latest video podcast from the New York Comic Con is up, mah dudes. In this adventure, I meet with Eli Roth (director), Heather Matarazzo and Roger Bart (actors) from Hostel: Part II. Check it!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Cap Craziness at the LCS

I just came back from Midtown Comics (Grand Central) and I was talking with the uber-helpful Serge, and he told me yesterday was the busiest day he'd ever seen, with no exaggeration. If you're trying to grab an issue to bag and board, check back next week for possible new shipments.


I can understand why someone might make an animated gif. I can especially understand if it's of their favorite character. But what I cannot understand is why you would have the animation be of Sabretooth putting on his coat. The fuck?

Like a Bowel Disruptor, but different

The Navy is developing a vomit gun. Yes, a vomit gun.
Invocon Inc., funded by a Navy contract is developing a weapon that can shoot invisible beams through walls and cause people to get dizzy and fall over. The beam can also cause motion-sickness that can induce vomiting. The gun shoots RF energy that excites and interrupts a human's hearing and equilibrium.
Ganked from Gizmodo


B-Star G, as he says

Obviously I'm going to promote all the video podcasts I did with the NYCC, but I'm certainly under no obligation to pimp their audio podcasts. So, you can consider this an official recommendation. The NYCC just posted the complete audio version of the Battlestar Galactica panel, moderated by Kevin Smith. It's pretty hilarious and definitely worth a listen. Check it!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

VIDEO: NYCC Podcast #3 up!

Hey all! The latest offical video podcast from the 2007 New York Comic Con is now up! In this episode we talk about the Darkness video game with booth babes and Marc Silvestri.

MoCCA Monday

MoCCA Mondays. Every Monday night the Museum of Comic and Cartoon art has a free event that varies in topic. I went last night at the last minute to join a friend to see a critical discussion of the issues 48-51 of the Fantastic Four — the Galactus trilogy. Comics historian Peter Sanderson had the mic and rocked the podium like no other critical examination of comics. I had to bounce before it was over, but I encourage y'all to check out future MoCCA Mondays. Next up:

March 12th - Friends of Lulu: The Big Picture
In our continuing association with the New York Chapter of Friends of Lulu, MoCCA Mondays is pleased to present four diverse female comics professionals - Trisha Narwani, Melissa Jenvey, Christine Norrie, and Heidi MacDonald - as they look ahead in the comic book world. The discussion will be moderated by Marion Vitus.

Friday, March 02, 2007

VIDEO: NYCC Podcat #2 online!

The second official video podcast from the 2007 New York Comic Con is online! This one focuses on fans, who really were the real winners at the show. Is that political enough for ya?
Check it out.

Transform Your Voice

Man, I love movie tie-ins. To coincide with the new Transformers movie, Hasboro is releasing an Optimus Prime helmet that also changes your voice to sound like him.