Monday, September 10, 2007

Web Comics Showcase at MoCCA - 9/13

This Thursday I expect you New Yorkers to be at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art for the opening of the new Art of Web Comics exhibit.

This exhibit incorporates original artwork, prints of finished art, and digital displays. Featured in the exhibit will be the immensely popular Penny Arcade, PhD, Sluggy Freelance, User Friendly, Diesel Sweeties, Mom’s Cancer, Finder, Supernatural Law, Questionable Content, Something Positive, Scary Go Round, Achewood, Narbonic, Goats, and “My Obsession with Chess” by Scott McCloud, among many others.

The exhibit also includes a new installment of MoCCA’s New York Artist Showcase, focusing on the NYC members of the webcomics collective ACT-I-VATE.


Blogger Craig said...

Sounds awesome... If only i weren't already going to a art party that night (Overspray Magazine's new issue release party in Brooklyn). The classic dilema for New Yorkers this past summer, too much poppin off. Is this gonna be a running exhibit of stuff?

11:25 AM  

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